Bring Creative Writing Workshops Into Your School

Why is creative writing important?

Creative writing in the classroom helps students grow and develop both academically and personally. Storytelling enables students to develop empathy, as they think about their characters' lives, and the events that shape those characters. Creative writing also enhances problem solving skills, because developing a logical plot requires imagining, evaluating and piecing together actions, consequences and outcomes. Creative writing offers writers a safe place to work through personal issues and challenges too, and research shows that the very act of personal writing is beneficial to well being. Finally, creative writing encourages the development of voice, which is critical to all writing forms, whether writing a persuasive essay or a college application writing sample. 

What are my "Author-In-The-Making" workshops?

My creative writing workshops enhance your school's existing curriculum by offering students the opportunity to engage and work with a published author. Author-In-The-Making workshops expose students to the process working authors use to create and imagine original stories.

Each workshop has a topic, such as weather and mood, and workshops are broken up into two parts. In the first part, students will participate in an engaging conversation to study some of the tools authors use to make their words even more impactful. As part of this study, we will look at real life examples from acclaimed, published authors. In the second part, students practice their skills. They will begin to understand the process of editing their own work, and they will begin to see themselves as authors, too. 

Contact me for a list of topics!

Schools and teachers can select workshops from a list of topics and use my services in one of three ways.

  1. Workshop one topic for one or more grades during one school day.
  2. Workshop one topic for one or more grades during one school day; I return another day to run a different workshop for the same classes.
  3. Workshop one topic for one or more grades during one school day; I return another day and guide the students to form "critique groups," where they learn how to offer and receive critical feedback in a safe environment.

Why me?

In addition to publishing three books, I have led writing workshops in public and independent schools for elementary- and middle-school children. In addition to publishing three books, I have worked at the Highlights Foundation, as an assistant teacher, with an award-winning editor and former publisher from Penguin Books USA. And in spring 2016, I will co-lead a new workshop at Highlights for young adult authors.

Please contact me for more information about my rates and workshop topics!