About our Instructors:

Shari Becker is the critically acclaimed and award-winning author of two picture books and one young adult novel. Novelist and teacher, Shari has written for Nickelodeon and Disney-owned companies. She has taught at professional writing retreats and runs writing workshops at public and independent elementary and middle schools in addition to working with students one-on-one.

Louisa Jaggar is the cofounder of Education in Action and has worked with students for over 30 years. Her skills include one-on-one tutoring and college essay writing. Louisa is an award-winning writer and educator who oversaw fifteen national science curriculum guides for the Smithsonian, PBS, Chicago’s Field Museum, the United States Navy, and more. Louisa has written for the Washington Post and Real Simple magazine and given numerous radio and TV interviews. She is the creator and coauthor of the national best seller, The Smithsonian’s Saving Stuff (Fireside 2005).

In Partnership with:

Education in Action is a boutique, academic company that provides support to students of all ages. Our philosophy is that each child is an individual with unique talents and needs. We help students reach their academic potential across a wide spectrum of subjects by focusing on students' strengths, and addressing their unique learning styles, all the while preserving and building their self confidence. Education in Action creates individual tutoring supports with a wide range of specialists as well as enrichment classes and programs, after-school, on weekends, and in summer months.