Throwing Down the Gauntlet on 777

When my friend and fellow YA author, Heather Demetrios, dangled a carrot - in the form of writing challenge -  before me, it was too delicious to pass up.  

If you haven't heard of it, the 777 challenge is when one author challenges other authors to post seven lines of text, seven lines down, on the seventh page of a work in progress. 

Indigo is a paranormal/ sci-fi about Ellie Mason, an adopted teen struggling to contain psychotic attacks that are getting worse and worse. Since no treatment or medication can stop the episodes, Ellie agrees to a stay at a quiet clinic in the middle of nowhere, Michigan. But when Ellie finally feels better, ready to resume her life, she finds the world she returns to drastically different than the one she left behind. 

In this set-up scene, Ellie is walking home with her best friend, trying to fend off an impending attack. 

Here ya go:

KP raised her eyebrows. “Right, and you get to decorate it any way you want, but not smush it under a car. Got it.” She pulled a clump of Ellie’s hair gently. “You know you look a little like one of those scrubby brushes people do dishes with. Like if I turned you upside-down, I could wash the inside of a bottle with your head.”

KP, also known as Kaitlin Proctor was Ellie’s best friend. Her neighbor. Her person. They’d played as kids at the park almost every day, but drifted apart a little when Ellie bought combat boots and KP bought Nikes.

So there you go... I'm challenging Madelyn Rosenberg, Heather Camlot, Rachel Simon, Lori Goldstein, Tova Mirvis, & Jordanna Fraiberg